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Patch Request Letter

FDGRC is introducing the Service Recognition patch. The idea behind the Service Patch is to enable members to display a sense of pride as a contributing member of Ft Detroit Golden Retriever Club. The patch is the FDGRC logo the club has had for many years, with the year (e.g. 2010) awarded. Recommendations and award of a service patch will usually be based in one of the following two types of service:


The club has different events throughout the year, and members are asked to help so that the event or activity is successful and enjoyable for those who attend. The more people that help, the less work it is for one person.


These are the jobs within the club that keep the club alive. ie: newsletter, puppy referral, and so on. In the long run these help the club remain active for the common good of the Golden Retriever.

Although some members help in more than one way, it is recommended that only one patch be awarded to any recipient each calendar year.

Thank you for your participation.