The Fort Detroit Golden Retriever Club offers to all its members yearly recognition at the annual banquet in the form of an engraved plaque showing the name of the dog and the individual plates engraved for the following: All AKC titles earned, GRCA Working Certificate, Working Certificate Excellent, Show Dog Hall of Fame, Obedience Dog Hall of Fame, Field Dog Hall of Fame, Agility Dog Hall of Fame, Two Star (**) and Three Star (***) status, Outstanding Sire, Outstanding Dam, Versatility Certificate, Versatility Excellent Certificate, Certificate of Conformation Assessment, and all Fort Detroit Challenge Trophy Winnings. Requests for plaques and title plates should be sent to the Club Statistician on the proper form.

The Club also will award achievement certificates (not plaques) for titles earned from the Canadian Kennel Club, United Kennel Club, and States Kennel Club. Requests for the certificates should be sent to the Club Statistician on the proper form.

The Club honors dogs with outstanding achievements by awarding its challenge trophies to those dogs excelling in the three areas of conformation, performance, and field work during the challenge period. These trophies are engraved with the dog’s name, owner’s name and the year won. They are kept by the recipient for one year and then are returned to the Club Statistician for presentation to the following year’s honoree at the next banquet.


1.The FDGRC challenge period dates from September 1st through August 31st of the following year. All awards and trophies are given for titles or achievements reached during those periods only.

2. All awards are presented at the annual banquet following the end of the challenge period.

3. Only those titles earned while the owner of the dog is a FDGRC member in good standing shall count towards recognition at the banquet.

4. Those dogs that are co-owned with a person not a FDGRC member in good standing must reside predominantly in the home of the member.

5. Awards will be considered only when submitted on the proper forms, which are available upon request from the Club Statistician.

6. The owner(s) of eligible dogs must attend THREE meetings or Club functions, NOT including AKC licensed or sanctioned events, during the challenge period. Working on a Club function will be considered the same as attending.

7. “Points” for the challenge trophies are to be determined on the basis of ownership. Full point credit is to be given to those dogs handled by their owners or members of their immediate family, as defined by the AKC; one-half credit is to be given to those dogs handled by ANYONE else.

8. “Points” shall be awarded for wins in the United States only.

The word “member” in all General Requirements means FDGRC full member who is eligible to vote in Club activities.

(Revised Aug 2006)

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