Huron River Labrador Retriever Club announces field training schedule


Participation fees – beginner and advanced handlers and dogs in both categories will work all day
$10 for members (limit 3 dogs)
$15 for non-members (limit 2 dogs)

*Please no puppies under the age of 5 months. Puppies 5 months and older must have all vaccines including rabies before coming onto the grounds.

Advanced: The advanced retriever is working at WC or JH level. This means that the dog readily picks up
bumpers and birds, returns to the handler reliably, and ideally is getting close to delivering to hand.

Beginner: The beginner retriever category includes puppies and any older dogs that are still refining skills like
their hold or recall.

Training dates (at East Hill Labradors in Howell starting at 9:00 AM unless notified otherwise by email):
• Saturday, March 20
• Sunday, April 25
• Saturday, May 8
• Sunday, June 13
• Saturday, July 17
WC/WCX Test Saturday, August 7th  ~ Judge Alison Weber

For more information, please contact the HRLRC Field Committee co-chairs:
Kim ( and Heidi (

To RSVP please contact Alison:
Details (including any changes to start time and location address) will be provided by email prior to each training day.

You are encouraged to have the following items for you and your dog:
(Be sure to put some form of ID on your equipment)
• Clean fresh water and bowl
• First aid kit
• Dog kennel in vehicle
• Adequate clothing for weather conditions (including boots, rain gear, bug spray and sunscreen)
• Flat buckle collar with short training tab about 10 inches
• Short 6 foot lead (dogs must be on lead unless being run or at honor)
• Long line
• Whistle
• Duck call
• Chair
• Lunch

New members and handlers are urged to attend and participate in the training sessions even though they have not yet purchased all of the necessary equipment, but it is strongly recommended that they do so as soon as possible so they are fully prepared at future training sessions. A small selection of basic training equipment may be available for sale at each training day.

Please come ready to work together to provide a great training day for everybody. Field committee members are happy to provide advice and instruction on throwing bumpers, using popper guns and launchers, and assisting dogs in the field, and we ask that all handlers pitch in as they are able. We train rain or shine!

I will send out information approximately 3 weeks before each training day and then a reminder a week before so that everyone has a chance to RSVP.

Looking forward to seeing everyone,
Alison Weber
HRLRC Field Committee



A list of training resources and common terminology is available from the HRLRC website:
A checklist and article on group training sessions and training etiquette are also available as pdfs
on the website:

Thank you,